Creator – Writer

Coreborne is written by Nathan Morguelan. He also wrote this. No, he is writing this. Now. I am writing this now? Whatever. Anyway, I’m Nate. I work on this gigantic world and a buncha other random ass shit. Hit some of them links down below if ya wanna know more.

If you’re trying to get in contact with me for Coreborne purposes, pretty much all socials are run by me, so just holler through one of those. Or, if emails your kinda thing, just shoot one to


Lead Artist

Coreborne has a lot of visual artists that make up a large team, but Jay is the man that brings the Coreborne world truly to life.


Jay’s breathtaking environments, captivating character designs, and devilish details are easy to get lost in.

Jay also produces his own comic, AEROSOL, for Webtoon, which has garnered over 10,000 subscribers already. Check it out, because it’s badass.



Edgar takes Jay’s designs and elements and really makes them pop with his talented coloring skills. Getting fresh colors from Edgar is always a joy. 

Check our Edgar’s page on Facebook below, where you will be able to see all sorts of other cool projects he’s coloring and illustrating.


Environmental Concepts

Gowtom worked with me to create initial concept drawings for each individual State. His work really helps the site come together, showing us many different views of Ismet.


Initial Character Concepts

Luka was one of the first people to work on the Coreborne universe, and while much of his actual illustrations aren’t on display, you can see his work and influence throughout the entire series.



Jimmy is an incredibly talented, and easy to work with letterer and colorist. Jimmy handled all the lettering on the Prologue Pages, and will be the go-to letterer in future Coreborne installments as well.

You can see all sorts of good work from him on his website below.

Thank you as well to Ivan Dominguez, who did the cover colors. Thank you to Wassay, Approtis, Don Draws Stuff, and Alan Bay for assorted illustrations.

Thank you as well to my pre-readers: Brooks, Cotton, Duchess, Kyle, MB, and Pewwfie.